Join don Oscar for an inspired ceremonial gathering of Pachakuti Mesa Tradition initiates dedicated to a merging of Earth and Cosmos in service to the Great Work.   • Be apprenticed in the shamanic arts of STILLNESS, OBSERVATION, UNIFICATION, MANIFESTATION, and HEALING as a means of gracefully navigating the evolutionary challenges currently faced by humankind.   • Participate in the co-creative birth of a global shamanic Cosmic Culture upon Pachamama. • Bathe in the transformational healing light and soul empowering ceremonial beauty of Pachakuti Mesa Tradition earth-regenerative community. • Embrace your intrinsic spiritual immunity as a Shining One—a fully embodied awareness of Being human, an earthly passerby free of lower vibratory influences engendered by unconsciously conditioned fear-based consensual reality.   • Show Up, be Present, creatively reveal the intrinsic divinity of your sovereign Self, and lovingly learn to affirm your soul's agency through surrendered non-attac